I will Edit and Publish your Manuscript at no cost to you - Free


This website is intended to help you get your book published with a minimum of fuss and at no cost to you. If you have some writing that you would like to have published as a paperback and as an electronic book on Kindle, I can help you. You send me your writing, preferably in Microsoft Word, and I look at what you have written, estimate how much work would be required to edit and get it published and give you a proposal on the work needed including an estimate of how long it will take to complete it. If you would like to have your writing edited and published on free of charge, attach a copy of your work to an email addressed to me at 


In 2012 I started writing some mystery-adventure stories for middle school kids and out of that grew an offer to help others publish paperbacks and Kindle books on I received a request from a 14-year-old boy in Tzaneen, South Africa to help him publish a story he had written. Later, by contact through word-of-mouth, I edited and published some 35 books ranging from western cowboy stories to poetry, to self-help advice, for both students and adults in South Africa and Canada. The service was free and included an initial printing of 10 paperback copies for the author. The service being offered now does not include providing any free copies. As the author, you buy copies directly from Amazon at cost of printing plus shipping.



Most writers who send me a manuscript for editing and publishing will get the service for free. I will review the manuscript and if I decide that it is worth publishing, I'll edit it, get your approval of the changes and publish it as a paperback and Kindle on can buy copies at cost from Amazon. If I decide that the work is so extensive that I need to charge you, I will so indicate in the quotation. You can freely obtain a firm quotation from me as outlined on the page "REQUEST A QUOTATION". The quotation will indicate an estimate of how long the project will take and what costs, if any, I would charge.



The manuscript must be your work. No plagiarism. Nothing defamatory. It's my right to decline a manuscript after I have reviewed it. It is your right to accept or decline my edits that you can review because of my use of "Track Changes" in Microsoft Word.



You will continue to own the copyright on your work. You can buy copies at cost directly from Amazon. I do no marketing, but use your photo, biography and a sales description for the outside cover. You will provide a brief statement reviewing our services, preferably a favourable one. If you wish to be the publisher, the quotation will specify how to do that.