Thorns of a Rose is a gripping tale of the life of a teenage girl living in Africa who is sold to a rich, old landowner in payment of a debt. Thandolwethu, nicknamed “Thando”, is enjoying her life as a student in a private mission school in her village, but is finally persuaded to go to work for Abiyosa for a short period in order to pay off the family debt. When she arrives at the Abiyosa plantation, she finds out that she is to be the next wife for this old man.

The story is set in the 1990’s, providing a shocking dose of reality about the recent state of life in some parts of South Africa. The cruelty and terror felt by Thando in her new, hopeless life is mitigated by her falling in love with Abiyosa’s young nephew. Not a story for the faint of heart, Thorns of a Rose reveals a side of life not well understood by modern city-dwellers.

This book is a dedicated to Ethel and Horace McCalla and John and Gladys Pryce and all their offspring.

May their love and dreams live on in the hearts of their children and their children's children.

Thanks to my nieces and nephews who were born and raised in England, as well as to the other nieces who moved there to work and study and have made it their adopted home. My hope is that the branches of the family in England will reach and intertwine with the branches that are in Jamaica , United States, Canada, and Australia.

Thanks to my nieces Fallon and Janet Pryce and my nephew Kenneth Pryce who provided me with some of the photographs and information for this book.

May all my nieces and nephews continue to live in love and unity even after the older members have passed on.


The picture on the cover was taken at the funeral of his great grandma. His comment through his tears was: “Great Grandma, with these stones I will never forget you.”

A child’s mind is full of potential for super- consciousness. Any event can either propel the mind towards great insights or scar it negatively for life. Death is a critical event in life. How a child’s mind deals with the event of death is in large part dependent on us, who are the child’s support system. By creating awareness in the child of the temporary nature of the physical body and the lasting nature of the person who resides in it, the child discovers the wonder of life. The child steers away from a negative mind by focusing on the precious quality of every moment with loved ones. He or she realizes the power of nurturing compassionate relationships with elders. Children learn to revel in the recycling of life and become positive super-conscious beings.

So too, in this heartfelt story of little Tobi, we experience within these pages the importance of family ties and the time-tested bond of love between the young and the aged. For after all, love is the true power that fuels our fascinating planet, the cosmos, and existence itself. Love keeps the world going on!

May this book be an inspiration to every little boy or girl who dares to dream.

This book is dedicated to every:

child who believes in magic and fairy tales;

parent who tries to protect their child’s innocence as long as possible;

parent who must look their child in the eye and answer the hard question;

parent who comes to the milestone where he or she has to let their child grow and experience life in this imperfect world.

Lena McCalla Njee has once again captured our hearts with the inspirational story “Ivan Goes Ivy League”. This sequel to “Ivan Gets a Dream House” captures the essence of an American story that is full of hope, faith, pride, and determination. This story of triumph over adversities crosses all socio-economic and racial barriers. It encompasses the hopes and dreams of any American family.

Ivan Goes Ivy League also does an excellent job of dispelling the myths and stereotypes of the African American family, particularly the families that are headed by a single mother. Ivan’s mother is portrayed as a strong but gentle, faith-based woman.

Lena McCalla Njee’s heartfelt depiction of the African American family is rarely seen and written about in mainstream media. It is relevant and is an important story to be told. The characters are real; you feel you know them. This story embodies our challenges, our conflicts, and our victories. Although this story portrays a new chapter in Ivan's life, it is a new chapter in each family member's life.

Ivan Goes Ivy League is a testimony of how hard work, determination, faith, and love of family can raise you above your circumstances.

Understanding Life by Kuhlula Ngobeni

This is a motivational book guiding children and adults from all the struggles of life to reaching success and restoring humanity and the natural potential of humans. This is not a story book, but it's me and you in the form of words. You can find yourself in this book. Reading it is like reading the world. This is a life guide book to invigorate and to amend you, guiding you from the downfalls of life, and to understanding the happenstance of life. The words written in this book are real. It's a life changer and life saver book of wisdom.  I can assure you that after reading it your life will reflect you as an elevated person. Enjoy.

This book deals with the fullness of The Blessing that God has long planned and reserved specially for you before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:4)

“We need to acknowledge that we are already blessed with all spiritual blessing. We have the blessing of the Lord in our lives. God is not going to bless you. No, He already has.”

This book was published by Pastor Chauke with a different cover. He also self-published "God Wants you Healed", "Rise and Be Healed", "Twelve Metaphors of the Word" and "Sweeter than Honey".

To contact Pastor Chauke, click on the following link to send him an email.

Living a Dream by NWayitelo Bruce Chuma
This book is a description of how to live your life successfully. Written by a secondary school student in South Africa, it describes the factors that lead to success or failure and encourages readers to pursue their dreams actively.


From Your Village To Your City by Silver Nkomane

This book describes the actions and activities that the youth of South Africa should follow to help move them out of poverty towards a more rewarding destiny. They include being close to your family, setting achievable goals for yourself, getting the most education you can absorb, moving from the village to a place where opportunities abound, taking advantage of your talents, planning your future, overcoming temporary setbacks or failures, choosing friends and associates wisely, and being persistent and determined to succeed by making thoughtful, good choices. Many people who are born into a poor family give up on their dreams when they strike the first obstacle. However, being born into a poor family is not an excuse for failure. There is always something that can bring about a change, something that results in a better situation. If you choose to be a thug, steal property or do other illegal activity, you cannot excuse this behavior or your use of drugs or alcohol because of the stress of poverty. You can and should focus on whatever will bring you to a better future. We might have been born into a poor family, but we don't have to leave ourselves there. We don’t have to give up on our dreams because of our background. Life provides many choices. We need to stand up and make the right choices to change our situation.

My Life, My Misery by Jackey Mukhawana
This is a rags to riches story of an orphaned boy who is driven from his home village and ends up in a large city. Luckily, he has a good singing voice and he wins a competition that sets him on the way to fame and fortune. The text includes sections where aspiring writers can elaborate on the story and aspiring artists can sketch some of the scenes described.
This is the story that led me to all the other South African authors.


Hope for my Success: Motivational Inspirations by Phetole Cedric Malemela

The Darkest Secret of Life by Sheilah Nyakane


A young lady, daughter of a single mother, living in Letaba, Limpopo Province, South Africa, is coming of age. She misses not having a father in the family and pesters her mother to find out who her father is, where he is and the dozens of other unanswered questions. Her mother refuses to provide any details. As a teenager, this problem looms large in the daughter's life. This universal cry for knowledge about her origin will resonate in every country. The daughter's reaction to not knowing, the mother's worries and the ultimate resolution provide a glimpse of the culture in this area of darkest Africa.



Jars of Clay by Bridget Patji

Emotional trauma can have an extremely adverse effect on human behavior. Some people’s emotional wounds have been ignored for so long they have become infected. Bridget was not immune to this. She had lived her life beneath the triggers of the feelings she couldn’t express. She always said she was okay, no matter how her heart beat, no matter how long it took her to catch her breath. She was a ticking bomb. She could go from zero to sixty in five seconds flat. She always said she was okay but deep down she knew that the shackles of delayed grief, feelings of rejection and resentment, her father’s absence,  sexual abuse in the hands of her “mentor”, heartbreak and experiences of cyberbullying, didn’t leave her the same person. The change had been gradual, but it felt as though it had happened all at once, a tectonic shift, a free fall.

When she embarked on her healing journey, she realized that once exposed to the light, things hidden in darkness lose their power. She felt the great jaws of fear loosening and in its place was a flicker of forgiveness, of acceptance, of moving on, a flicker of excitement and contentment of what it means to be truly whole. Her strength is a constant surprise with all the world still hers to conquer. She is in constant awe of the King who chooses and uses the weak and flawed people, and who heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Teenage Thoughts of Hope by Hope Moagi Morongwa


This book contains thoughts and poems of a bright, romantic 15-year-old girl who lives in a village in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Hope, who called herself "Mogokolodi" when we first corresponded, submitted the first two "thoughts" and I incorporated them in another book from an author who I thought was in the same area. Hope never did see them in print. South Africa is a huge country and Limpopo Province is very large too. I encouraged Hope to send me more poems or other writing and this is the result. Hope is mature beyond her years. Her insights tell me that the youth of the world are well-educated, have universal desires, suffer similar pains and angst in their teenage years and are a delight to know.

Set Free From Satanic Bondage: The Confession Of A Former Devil Worshipper by Ledia Ramodipa
This is a detailed description of the possession of a young girl by Satan and her struggle to be free of his Kingdom of Darkness. She is made free by accepting Jesus Christ as her personal savior, becoming born again, confessing her sins and obtaining redemption.


Poems by Dipolelo Mohale

Love poems by a teenager from Tzaneen, South Africa.


Caught in the Storm by Somisa Perpetual Hlangwana
This romantic story reveals what happens when a handsome tutor is hired to help a teenager understand Life Sciences and the two quickly and completely fall in love. Sited in a village in Limpopo Province, South Africa, the story reveals the maturity of the youth of South Africa today.


Hidden Truth by Fortunate Nhlungwana is available on Kindle only.
A story of life in South Africa of a young lady who discovers the truth of her origins
A Hypochondriac Girl by Fortunate Nhlungwana is available on Kindle only.
This story describes a young girl's experience in school while suffering from a variety of illnesses and how she manages to overcome them.
Living Out The Dream by Olive Caldwell Lee
This story describes the life and times of two Irish families who decided to emigrate to Canada in the 1820’s. Written by a descendant, it brings together many historical documents, letters written by family members and others, and stories handed down over the years of the difficulties faced in the new world.It begins with a brief summary of the situation in Ireland, explaining the conditions there. It describes the very difficult voyage across the Atlantic and the primitive state of Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa.The effort required to reach their homestead, the community working together to clear the land and build log homes and the work of young men in the lumber camps all bring into focus the immense task they took on. Towards the end of the 1820’s, the construction of the Rideau Canal, led by Colonel By provided work for many of the men.Olive Caldwell Lee lives in the lower mainland of British Columbia. She was raised on a farm in Fallowfield, close to the original homesteads of the Caldwells and Argues, the families whose lives are described in the book.


Alter's Journey by Alter Mathebula
This contains stories, plays and poems by Alter Mathebula, a secondary school student in Letaba, South Africa.


An Anthology out of South Africa: by Eustacia Nhlangweni, Alter Mathebula, Bekazi Mboweni and Jackey Mukhawana.
This is an anthology of plays, stories and poems written by high school students in Letaba, Limpopo, South Africa.