A Life Partner: Choosing a Life Partner and Preparing to be Married
It is the dream of every person with a normal life to get married when the time is right and favorable. We expect to spend the rest of our lives happily married to our true love partner. Our success in marriage depends to a certain extent on the foundation we lay beforehand. It is the dream of every lady to have the best wedding ever. However, marriage is not only about the wedding ceremony; it includes responsibilities about living together and following the norms of society. Usually as young people we do not think about the things we should consider before venturing into marriage. Our desire for marriage and passion makes us blind to the way that we rush into the wedding garment without having had a real introspection of ourselves. The purpose of this book is to discuss some of the things we should consider about ourselves and our future life partner before committing ourselves to marriage.


Steps to Success: A Key to Success Creativity
This book describes the techniques used by the author in achieving the success that he has enjoyed in his preaching, inspirational and motivational speeches and in his academic life. The book describes the importance of your attitude, your need for discipline, commitment and time management. It provides practical advice for anyone who wants to succeed in everything he or she does. He emphasizes your need for passion about your goals and the need for excellence in everything you do. He measures success not just by material wealth, but also by living a life of happiness and sharing your gifts with others.


Sacrificing for Success
In this book, Blessed describes how you must make sacrifices in terms of time, money and effort in order to be successful both financially and in terms of your relationship with your fellow man. He defines success and suggests actions that will lead you to the success you can achieve.He identifies characteristics of people you should avoid having in your circle. He describes several factors that you should not let control your life. He describes seven errors that you should not commit. He asks if you are living the life you want to live and suggests five reasons why you should not waste your time chatting up people chosen at random through Facebook, Skype or Whatsapp. Altogether this is worthwhile advice on what you need to sacrifice in order to have a successful life.


The Power of Determination 
Determination (will power) is an important facet of your character that you can develop to help make you a more successful person. Whether you are young or old, this essay provides guidance on how to meet your goals in life. As well, poems written by Blessed on a variety of topics are included. Read his views on Life, Death, Destiny, Sugar Daddies and Money.


Blessed Thabang Mobosi is a preacher, a Christian coach, a minister, a motivational speaker, the author of several books and a mentor of number of people. When he discovered his destiny, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and accepted him as his personal Lord and Savior at Jubilee Christian Church International at Nkowankowa Section A under the leadership of Pastors Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel. He started serving in the church, as part of the choir, instrumentalist, and interpreter. Initially, he was a disciple and later he was ordained as a minister.
Blessed attended basic bible school, prayer school and disciple school at Jubilee and graduated in 2013. He started preaching and motivating when he was in grade 5 at Ritavi Primary school. At Hudson Ntsanwisi Senior Secondary School, where he did his high school level, he joined the Student Christian Organization (SCO) and in the first year he was ordained as an additional member of the SCO Leadership Committee. In 2013 he was promoted to serve as Organizer and in 2014 as secretary. In 2015, he was ordained as chairperson of the SCO at Hudson where he was also preaching and motivating students at the school assemblies.
In 2015 Blessed was elected the chairperson of the whole SCO of Ritavi Circuit under Mopani District where about 26 SCO School branches were under his leadership. He served in the SCO at Hudson for five years and as the chairperson of the Ritavi Circuit Board Committee for three years.
While in grade 8 in 2012, Blessed started his part-time outreach ministry under the name of Power and Authority Christian Fellowship Of God International. He held services during school holidays under the supervision of his mentor. In 2013, he founded a crusade called the Jesus Redemption.

Books Written by Blessed Thabang Mobosi

Destiny is a Matter of Choice
This is a motivational speech given by the author to students and young adults trying to encourage them to make correct decisions and choices in their life and thereby determine their destiny.