This book provides advice on how to lead your life successfully. It reviews lessons learned by the author in his work, marriage and life in general.

This book was self-published by Mr. Ngobeni. The link on the cover photo gives his email address.

Delayed Gratification: Your future is better than your background 
It is said that man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope. Hope is the anchor of man’s soul, without which many have given up on their dreams, on themselves, on others and even on God. I would like to congratulate the author for taking the time to put hope filled words into this book, and for believing in the power of words to inspire hope. I had the opportunity of having the author stand-in for me on speaking engagements, and attest to the fact that his public speaking has inspired many lives. I am more excited about the book because it will reach much further and across generations. His hard work and selfless quest for brightening up the souls of people is evident in this book. This book is a great effort at investing in people which comes with great fulfilment and untold rewards, and this I speak from my personal experience as a Pastor. Let me also congratulate you the reader and encourage you to invest in yourself. Your life is all you have and need for success. Success is locked inside every person waiting to be revealed. Only those who discover this truth and believe in their inherent God given potential succeed. Your soul was designed for success, it needs faith, hope and love for its good health, wealth and prosperity. As you read through the pages of this book, let it inspire you into your journey of self-discovery. External motivation is temporary; however, its power lies in its ability to help you discover your inner treasures that will energise you for life. From the Foreword by Pastor Strike Manganyi Manna Tabernacle of Witness.
This book was self-published by Mr. Ngobeni. The link on the cover photo gives his email address.
Case reports that that's his daughter posing in front of a typical village hut.


The Heat of Your Silence
This is a motivational, inspirational lecture on how to live your life successfully. It was written by an experienced Secondary School teacher who has inspired many of his students with his messages. It has many parables, stories and examples that help you in your daily life decisions.


Books Edited and/or Published by Case Ngobeni

Mr. Ngobeni, Nghetlenge Case was born and bred at N’wamitwa, Joppie Village at Greater Tzaneen Municipality. He is the first born child in the family of seven. His father was a migrant labourer at the Great Rief, and he passed on in 1984 when Case was fifteen years of age. His mother had to bring the children up single handedly. She also passed on in 2005.
Mr. Ngobeni grew up like any other village boy. He started schooling at Mavhavaza primary school in 1976, and completed his Standard five in 1982 at the same school. He then proceeded to Vasasele Secondary School in 1983, and later in 1988 he went to Bankuna Secondary School to do his Standard ten.
In 1989 he proceeded to the then University of the North to study for his BA(ED), which he completed within the prescribed period.
He started working at Vasesele High School in 1993, teaching Geography. He has enrolled with various universities, to further his studies.
Mr. Ngobeni is married to Tirhani Sandra Khosa, and they have added four known offspring (at the time of writing this book) to the population.
He holds: B.A. (ED) University of the North, B.Ed. (Hons) University of Pretoria, AMDP National School of Governance.
He is the Deputy Manager for Governance, attached to Nkowankowa Circuit, Department of Education.