1. After I review your manuscript, I will provide a firm quotation giving an estimate of how long the work of editing and publishing your manuscript will take. I specify what I will do, list what I expect you to do, and outline any choices that you should make concerning the process. An overview of the project work is given below. Note that I do not do any marketing of your book.


2. There is no charge to you for the work I do on this project. As well, if you decide to stop the work at any time during the project, you may do so at no cost or obligation.


3. If you wish to receive the royalties for sales of the paperback or Kindle editions, after I have uploaded the final book text and cover, you can get an account with Amazon, complete an Amazon form for income tax reporting purposes and repeat the steps to place the book on the Amazon website under my direction. You will be designated as the publisher and I will "unpublish" my version. Any royalties from subsequent sales through will be deposited directly in your bank account.


4. You may order paperback books directly from at the price set by Amazon for author copies. Amazon also charges for shipping. Currently, Amazon does not deliver paperbacks to some countries due to the covid-19 outbreak, but Kindle versions can be delivered everywhere.


5. You are free to use the files created in the publishing process to have copies of your work printed locally. In this case, a non-amazon cover file will be created and supplied as part of the Project. You retain copyright on your writing. Publishing your work on Amazon is non-exclusive, so you can publish it through other companies as well.


6. Do not decide to publish your manuscript with the idea of making a great deal of money from the royalties. Most books published on do not sell at all. To sell copies directly, you can get them from Amazon or have a local company print them. Alternately, you could ask a company that specializes in marketing books to take on the work of marketing your copies.


7. The main benefit of getting your work published is that you can say that you are a published author. You can  use a copy of your book as a calling card or introduction to justify a job or work assignment application or, if you are a student, to support your application for a university admission.


8. If you have any questions, click on the Chat symbol to the right and you can initiate an email conversation with me.



The following is an overview of a publishing project provided to give you an idea of the work that is done to create the Paperback and Kindle books for

Steps in a Publishing Project.

Receive an Initial Contact from an Author.

The author sends me an enquiry. I send him or her a copy of a sample Project for consideration and ask if he or she would like to submit a manuscript for evaluation.

Receive Author’s Manuscript.

The manuscript arrives as an attachment to an email. I establish a Project and create a Project file to hold all correspondence and documents related to the Project.

Read the Manuscript.

I read the manuscript to see if it is worth publishing. I estimate the time to edit and publish the writing, both in terms of hours worked and elapsed time based on the length of the manuscript and the quality of the writing. I take notes about the manuscript for the file.

Prepare a Quotation.

I prepare a quotation for the author. Essentially, I fill in blanks in the standard quotation and add any terms that I consider necessary. I estimate the work time and duration for each step of the Project.

Send the Quotation to the Author.

I send the quotation and await a favourable response. If the response is not forthcoming, I follow up after a few days. If the reply is negative, I determine the reason and close the Project.

Modify Agreement.

If the reply requires modification of the agreement, I modify it as necessary provided I agree to the requested modifications. This may require several messages.

Agree on Project.

I await confirmation of the agreement. When it is agreed, I update the records and start the next step.

Edit Manuscript. 

I edit the manuscript for spelling, punctuation, grammar, word usage. I check it for typos, insert the copyright page, the Author Biography, the Author Photo and any other pages the author wants included, such as, for example, a Dedication and a Thanks to someone. As I review it, I make notes for use in the “Editor Suggestions” report.

Send Editor’s Suggestions Report to the Author.

I prepare a report to the author suggesting changes in sequence, changes in fact, changes in plot, and such things as style and tone. I send the report to the author, suggesting these significant changes. I allow time for the author to make changes, agree to changes, or discard suggestions.

Complete the Final Edit of the Manuscript.

I incorporate suggested revisions into the Manuscript, creating a draft Modified Manuscript for approval by the author. Before I send it for approval, I do a complete review to ensure that no typos have crept in. This may require several iterations until approval is achieved.

Publish Final Modified Manuscript.

I install the approved Modified Manuscript on both as a Paperback and as a Kindle book. During this process, I create the procedure for the author to follow if she or he decides to publish the book as a Publisher. This involves making snippets of the computer screen as entries are made so that the author can easily publish the Paperback and Kindle versions when he or she gets an Amazon account.

Prepare Publishing Instructions for the Author. 

Using the snippets developed while installing the Modified Manuscript, I prepare detailed instructions on how the author can publish the book as a Paperback and as a Kindle book. Since providing these instructions is an option, I may simply retain the snippets and not produce the instructions until they are requested.

Prepare Files for Local Printing by the Author. 

I prepare a non-Amazon cover for use by a local printer if the author desires to have the book printed locally.

Prepare Project Summary. 

I summarize all aspects of the project, providing a comparison of estimated times versus actual times spent. I send the author all the files needed along with the summary report. I file everything in the Project file along with a copy of all email correspondence related to the project.

Obtain Feedback from the Author.

When the book is published, I notify the author and send a Press Release to all my contacts. I use the feedback from the author to help promote and improve the quality of my service.

Update Website

I update my website with your name, photo, biography, book cover picture and book description.







Overview of a Publishing Project