Escape Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
For Hayden Rochsoff and his two associates---brother and sister team Alex and Monique Farell, both members of the Russian Rebel Army---freedom was a dream come true... For too long their own country had held them captive.
After a futile attempt to escape their domain and the communism they had been forced to live with, Hayden is taken into custody and tortured; he vows revenge. Joining up with the ranks of his friends, Hayden takes up his role as a shooter and becomes one of the RRA's best marksmen. He is depended upon to help rescue Monique, who is taken captive as the RRA infiltrates a secret government agency.
Forced to kill to liberate his captured friends, Hayden and his associates have the last word as they attempt to heist sixty four million dollars from the D.E.A and US Navy. The threesome are fastidiously pursued by those who would rather see them dead.
Escape was their only hope.


The Coalition of Purgatory Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
Bryce Ellwood, a naturalist, journalist and photographer is assigned the six-month task of recording the flora and fauna of a remote area of British Columbia that is slated for development as a five star ski resort. His adoption of an orphaned bear cub and his relationship with a local Indian lady adds to his six month adventure, as he documents his findings. Working alone in a remote area is highlighted by a few disasters that occur. He finds himself injured and unable to communicate with the outside world, until help from an old friend comes his way. The story is based on the struggles the indigenous people of British Columbia have been opposing, regarding the commercial development of their sacred lands and the lands of the grizzly bear.


Bloodlines Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
The Vanfell family travels west to take over a ranch that they have inherited. However, the trip is beset with fatal illness, cold, hunger, and many frightening adventures. Children are kidnapped, they have battles with Indians, they find evidence of cannibalism and they struggle over treacherous mountain passes to reach their ranch. The story describes the many obstacles settlers in the 1820's to 1850's experienced in rugged British Columbia.


Voracity Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
A fatal virus named Kuru is spreading across British Columbia, held in check by a secret team of assassins whose mission is to stop the spread of the virus by killing anyone who has it. Established by a private group, the team of assassins led by Blain Sweet, a.k.a. "Entity" is also searching for a scientific cure. Blain travels to a remote cabin in the interior where research papers written by Blain's deceased brother may provide the clue to ending the plague..Blain's wife, Rachel, puzzled by his aloof behaviour, wonders if he really is the software developer he claims to be. Will the research point to a cure before the virus morphs into a sexually transmitted disease?


Willow Gate Justice - The Missing Years Part V A Tyrell Sloan ... Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
The setting for this story is the little town of Willow Gate in the interior of British Columbia in the early 1890's. Tyrell Sloan under a contract held by McCoy's Private Investigations and Security is acting undercover as a protector for the ruthless Gabe Roy, using his alias Travis Sweet, a reputed gunslinger who is noted for having outdrawn and having killed Earl Brubaker. Tyrell accompanies Gabe while he attempts to buy the property of Pete Cross, but Cross doesn't want to sell. Gabe then decides to take the property by force. Tyrell being on the right side of the law cannot condone such an act, so Gabe fires him. Free now from contractual duty Tyrell carries on with his investigation into both the corrupt law of Willow Gate and Gabe Roy. This story ties in well with earlier adventures and brings back several characters from those times including Crying Wolf, an Athabascan aboriginal who wants revenge on Gabe for having killed his brother and raped his niece. Defending Pete Cross are Alex Brubaker, Colby Christian along with three other cousins, Brett, Cape and Martin Brubaker. The story continues with several gunfights as Gabe tries to wrestle Pete's land from him, and as others arrive with the intention of capturing Tyrell, for the bounty offered by Barclay Atalmore of the U.S Rebel Rangers.


The Missing Years Part IV Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
U.S Ranger Matt Crawford is finally behind bars and the $10,000.00 reward paid out to McCoy’s for his capture. The Police Commissioner declares Matt as a provincial witness for McCoy’s. All legal proceedings against him are stayed. The Mounted Police investigate the Vermillion incident and find Matt Crawford to be innocent of all killings in Canada, up to and including Hunter Talbot, and one U.S Pinkerton, Thomas Lierpp aka Miles Ranthorp. Freed and allowed to remain in Canada, Matt Crawford travels great distances to find work. It soon becomes clear to him that he has only one option left and that is to return to law enforcement.


The Missing Years Part III Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
This is the fifth book in the Red Rock series, the third about Tyrell Sloan living rough and on the run from the law. Having adopted the alias Travis Sweet and acquiring employment as a bounty hunter, Tyrell had success in this role. Now he is after Matt Crawford, a former U.S. Ranger and crack sniper who has gone rogue, killing his enemies from afar. His confrontation with Matt Crawford is the climax to this story.


The Missing Years Part II Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
After riding his horse, "Pony", over the Canadian Rockies, Tyrell takes the job offered by McCoy's Bounty Hunting Service. Under the name Travis Sweet, he takes the required oath and becomes a registered bounty hunter. With Black Dog and Ed McCoy, they search for an elusive bounty. Once again, Tyrell's skill as a gunfighter is tested when he is confronted by the brother of a man he had killed in a fair fight. Caught up in a half-cocked scheme to capture U.S. ex-Ranger Matt Crawford and share in the $10,000.00 reward, he coincidentally meets up with an old friend and convinces him to help. They travel together to the town of Hazelton, where Matt Crawford was last seen. There, the mystery of the murder of Emery Nelson, one of McCoy's men, begins.


The Missing Years - Part I Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
After Tyrell Sloan abandoned the ranch his grandfather had left him, he wandered the west, gambling, drinking and keeping his mind on finding the outlaws who had killed his grandfather. When he found them, he killed them in a fair gunfight. However, one was the son of an influential man and before long, Tyrell was being sought as a murderer. He changed his name to Travis Sweet and after several close calls with bounty hunters, made his way to the homestead of Mac and Rosie, who hired him to clear their land. The adventures continue as a bounty hunter finds Tyrell. After beating the bounty hunter to the draw, Travis Sweet's reputation soars. The story includes a search for the murderer of Rosie's father, and an ironic request by the father of the outlaw Tyrell had killed for Travis Sweet to find him. Travis turns down the opportunity to search for himself. Full of true west adventure and set in the 1890's, the story captures the essence of the rough life led by those who first settled in British Columbia.


Return to Red Rock Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
Six years after leaving behind his inheritance, Tyrell Sloan returns to familiar ground. In 1890, he was the heir to the estate of his Grandfather, John Henry Sloan Sr. consisting of 300 acres of red shale, forest, and pasture. Near the homestead, and less than an hour’s ride up stream of the Hudu Creek, were three gold claims, the Sloan 1, 2 and 3. At the time of his departure, the claims were contracted for a two-year term with the Wake Up Jake, a mining company. When he left, he wrote a letter that he stashed in the sacks of gold put in Grandma Heddy’s care. Tyrell bequeathed the gold to Grandma, and his share of whatever the Wake Up Jake produced during the term of the contract. To Marissa, he left the homestead, all 300 acres. With plans to head north to his hometown of Hell’s Bottom, he was side tracked. A recurring dream of his Grandfather’s death and the men who killed him, as well as the face-to-face encounter with the villainous men of his dream, took over the next six years of his life. With the possibility of being captured and hanged, Tyrell returns to Red Rock Canyon to live his life in obscurity. To his surprise, Marissa, his onetime true love continues to reside there. It isn’t long before the two are once more reacquainted, and their adventure begins as Tyrell tries to right his wrongs from days gone past.


Red Rock Canyon Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
Tyrell Sloan is the heir to his Grandfather's estate, which consists of an old ramshackle cabin, and over three hundred and twenty acres of red shale, pasture, and forest. During the journey to Red Rock Canyon, he encounters a slew of unforgettable characters. He hears some unusual tales about his Grandfather and wrestles with the day-to-day survival of solitude, as he tries to make a life for himself. He learns that three of the richest gold claims in the Columbia Kootenay are on Sloan land, but all that gold, he realizes, is not worth the burden.


Absolute Anger Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
Tyler O'Brien is a successful, experienced detective working for Henderson & Co. PI Agency in Fruitmont, B.C. He is married with two young children. The story follows a few of his cases, but concentrates on one serial killer's activities. O'Brien visits the murder scenes, eventually captures the killer, but is dismayed by the court proceedings. The many twists and turns that author Seifrit reveals as the case progresses show a familiarity with both police work and the court system. by 
This book has been chosen for a film by the same name. It is a new noir detective thriller film about a series of grisly murders, starring Sebastian J. Deery and directed by Chris Green. It is expected to be released in 2020.


A Bloodstained Hammer: A Story of the Kootenays Available through Brian Seifrit's website at
This book was written by Brian and his friend Alison Townsend. It is the story of a hog-farming family, the Townsends, living in the Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada in the late 1950's and later years. The story describes the hard life for the farmer who has to work at a nearby mine and smelter in order to support his farm work. The story is a fictionalized description based on the actual events that occurred. Of course, the conversations, thoughts expressed and activities are the product of the authors' imaginations. The fact that the events are still so clearly remembered fifty years later is significant, indicating the depth to which the events affected the family.
Family day to day life is described. The need for hired help is satisfied when a young man answers their advertisement. He joins the family, works hard, learns the ropes of hog farming and butchering. The hired man, called Hudulak in the story, has a number of problems related to his limited intelligence, his sexual desires and his drinking to excess on the few occasions he goes out on the town. These problems are not noted especially by the Townsend family, although the eight year old daughter Emily is unhappy with the way he leers at her. Hudulak goes on a drinking binge with a neighbor and ends up in Mrs. Townsend's bedroom in the middle of the night. Mr. Townsend is working the night shift. Unfortunately, the confrontation in the bedroom leads to the death of both Mrs. Townsend and Emily, the eight year old. Hudulak cleans up a little and drives away in the family car. Although he is caught within a few hours, he is able to convince the authorities that he is insane and his only punishment is a life of leisure in a mental hospital for 18 years. Eventually, he is given a complete release, marries and lives a normal life.
In the meantime, life goes on for the remnants of the Townsend family. The effect of this crime on the family is described, and the frustration felt by the family members by the ineffective way in which the crimes were handled is lamented. The Townsends believe that the Canadian Justice system failed and believe that Hudulak simply fooled all the authorities. Based on a true story, the authors get inside the minds of the characters, describing the thoughts and feelings of a murderer and his victims.
Although the insanity defence is still in vogue today, the Townsends believe that today's psychiatrists and prosecutors would not be quite so lenient as they were in the 1960's in a remote area in the interior of B.C. Interestingly, in 2012, a mental patient in Quebec who killed his children and was found not guilty by reason of insanity was given a full discharge after only two years of treatment. This story  shines some light on the impact these crimes have on the victims.


Books Written by Brian T. Seifrit

 Brian lives in the Kootenays in the British Columbia interior in a wild part of Canada. He has written over a dozen books that are available at and he continues to write. In September 1988-December-1989, he attended Columbia Academy of Radio, Television & Recording Arts, in Calgary, AB, where he majored in Broadcast Journalism. Following that, and ten years later, he attended Selkirk College in Castlegar BC, from September 1999-April 2001 where he was Enrolled in UT Courses – English History, Philosophy, Creative Writing, and Canadian Literature and majored in Print Journalism. He has been happily married for more than 30 years. He has four children, two from previous relationships, and two with his wife Tracy. He grew up on a small hobby farm outside of Fruitvale BC. In 2000, he wrote for the Source a community newspaper in Fruitvale BC and since then has done freelance writing of human interest for the Trail Daily Times. When he writes for himself, he tries not to stay in only one genre. He finds that one genre gets stale after a while. Instead, he chooses to write in as many genres as he can.